You’re within striking
I see your neck
I want to sink

Come hither
You already know
I’m a biter
Nothing will
Surprise you
This time around

Don’t walk away
I’m still venomous
I need to move this
Poison around

But where are my teeth?
I’ve lost all my teeth
Dreaming of change


The Wildflower

How serendipitous
to have noticed the wildflower
on your journey,
that you had noticed each other.

But what a shame
it is now protected,
and cannot be picked,
not even by the kindest hand.

Or perhaps,
just maybe,
to admire it while
it is still rooted,
without laying claim,
without plucking it up
to slowly wilt on the
dappled window sill or
in the warmth of your pocket,
is the greatest blessing,
the most reverent kind of care.


Blue (Kinder Torturer)

This is something new for me…a song! I have written and posted original song lyrics before but never with the audio file attached. I am not super musically inclined but love music and am pretty happy with the outcome. Enjoy 🙂


The first time I saw you
You were wearing bright blue
You sat across from me
Drank from a cup of tea
And I fell like a fool

The first time you kissed me
It was way after 3:00
As we stood on that empty street
Weightlessness in my feet
I knew you were for me

And you had the kindest
Eyes I have seen and so
I gave you my all
And I was tired of standing,
Standing by myself so
I decided to fall

The first time our love bloomed
The moon was pale blue
You kissed every purple place
On my thighs and my face
As I did for you

The first time we felt screwed
You slept in the other room…

…What do you see dear
When your eyes meet the mirror?
The appearance is off

And what do you find, oh
When you dig at the ground so?
The roots are a-rot

But you make a kinder
Torturer than your absence
So I’ll let you in
And I saw you tired
Tired of losing my love
So I let you win