Untitled – 9/18/18

My love,
I ache.

These waves of sorrow break
at my chest the moment
I think the tide has subsided

My love,
I ache,
as I know you do –
Even in this we are connected

No one can heal alone.
This I hope you know.

If you feel an upwelling of pride
with your pain, of disdain
for the Helper,
I hope you can swallow
that sentiment and
extend your hand
to your wide net.
Believe me when I say
they would drop all
to come to your aid

Though I cannot hold you,
feel my presence in their

Though I cannot console you,
hear my voice in their kind and
soothing words

Though we cannot be at this time,
know that I am with you always,
burning as your twin flame
is want to,
and hoping my light,
no matter how dim to your view,
can guide you home.