Backyard – 10.10.17

3750-15A_0055I don’t know what sort of insect it is that is leaf-climbing the tree I sit under, but he’s a careful stepper like me, and I find kinship in this angular, earth toned fellow.

He pats the foliage one, two, three times before gently giving the weight of his spindly leg – one of six – to the green beneath.

I watch him as he crawls back and forth, around and upside down, hopefully finding home every minute. He has wings, but only opens them to preen and clean and scratch, never to fly.

He could live his whole life on this one tree, on this one leaf cluster jutting from the trunk and hanging limp in the autumn air.

I wonder if he’ll keep on this leaf all day. I wonder what my leaf is, and how long I will be on mine.