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There are too many words,
And yet not a one,
Or they’re far-flung on
Tongues and languages foreign
And at end of the earth I’ve never been
To describe the way you make me feel,
To describe the way I feel for you.

My every cell in a dance,
Uninhibited and free

I am filled, I am full, I spill

I want to give you the inside skin of the world
I want to gift you the King’s feet


…None of this does it.


But I keep up the word search because
Darling, I love you deep and fierce
And brim on tears each time I count my luck
Because you are every coin and currency
Every precious gift
Every pleasure, promise, and dream
Every luxurious, warm, and wonderful moment
And I can only smile when I lose track,
Knowing I’ll look into your beautiful eyes another day
And happily begin at “one” again.


Hump Day Haiku #39

I want the rain to
Melt the winter for a day
So I can breathe spring

I invite the rain
To clean my hair and wash my
Tired, booted feet

Give me a rain to
See clear through eyes that offer
You dry and kind warmth

I need this rain to
Flush my heart out of its ice
Encased hiding place