Everything has a pulse.

It is the same pulse.

It is when we choose to couple our fingers and press them to the wrist of the world that we settle, and soar, and delight, and overwhelm.

It is then that we understand, that we question, and that we answer.

And love – oh, how we will love!

It is then – and only then – that we arrive.


Hump Day Haiku #32

Let me be, Love, please –
Let me sit in the night air
And question whole lives

Let me be, Love, please –
Let me sweat, shiver, and sink
Into the front stoop

Let me be, Love, please –
I hate to cause you such harm
In these shadowed times

Let me be, Love, please –
But could you station yourself
Just inside the door?




If all were to fall away,
If I wore you all too thin,
If you missed your hollowed loneliness
When I flashed you my best grin,
Would you turn away to face the blinds
Upon waking in the morning?
Or would you tell me plain and true,
Would you give me any warning?

If the world outside is sickly pale
When we’re walking arm in arm,
If it rains whenever I am near
And breaks when I am far,
If the wind is howling all around
And your thoughts are bathed in mourning,
Please bear the storm, fair weather friend
To give me a fair warning

What is to come, what is to come?
I wish, I wish I knew
It’d be one thing if I was wronged,
If you had been untrue
But you, you are so very good –
It’s me who’s been unkind
Just sweep me up beneath the rug,
Don’t pay me any mind

Don’t pay me any mind, my dear,
I’ll right myself in time
But if I’m stuck down this deep well
And have no strength to climb –
Lend me a rope, a helping hand,
And make the ground before me
So I have dirt to fall upon
When you issue me your warning

So I have space to fall apart
Once you give me final warning

So I have a place to crumple
When you leave me without warning.