Kiss Me

Kiss me once and softly
A kiss from years ago
And though my heart may stop or burst
I need you to be honest first

Kiss me once and tell me
One kiss, I’m sure you’ll know
And though it may just kill me
I need you to speak honestly

Is your spine set a-tingling
When you look into my eyes?
Is your soul set a-burning
With a thousand firelights?
And even if a warmth creeps up
And seeps it way right in
Are these embers, residue?
Or is this kindling, something new?


Hump Day Haiku #28

You don’t treat me as
an intimidating thing,
all eyes and myst’ry.

You don’t treat me as
something fragile, expensive
easy to shatter.

You don’t treat me as
filler, as a solution,
or as The Problem.

I am not simply
a girl but a person, an
equal, and a friend.


At Long Last

Born in the dark,
Early morning of the year,
I have grown to thrive
Months down the line:
My spirit sings in
Summer and spring.

My voice will croak
After the autumn rain
Soaks every fallen leaf;
Please wrap me in
That sodden shroud and
Bury me underground
So I can live in loam
And look at the dawning
White winter sky
Through ice panes.

When you scrape
At the soil Mid-March,
You will find me
Nearly starved.

Shake me awake
With a cupped hand
That scoops me up
And out
Into light and day
And sweetly sweeps the dirt away.

Just like that,
I can sing again.

Sucking in wind and drizzle,
I lay in sun-flooded fields of friends
And name every one:





How I have missed them so,
And them me.



I don’t let just anyone into my sacred shower space

You have to be a water creature
Cool, easy, flowing, calm
You’ll have to want to wade into me
Slowly but sure-footed
Then wrap in and around and
Drench every corner

I do not take kindly to strangers
But I am kind all the same

We shower together but do not share space
You wash your body
Never drinking mine in
As I bend over backward
To catch every drop
Trying not to spill you over
And out
And away from me

I do not take kindly to those who waste my resources
But I am kind all the same

Do you not see what I am made of?
Do you not see that I am precious?
Do you not see how I shimmer when the light hits me so?

I do not take kindly to those who choose blindness
But I am kind all the same