Let All Women Be

Molly: dear friend, role model, and amazing/powerful woman

I usually don’t post on Mondays, but I felt this a special occasion. Thinking of the power of women today, as it blossomed and radiated all throughout the weekend. Feeling very proud of my femininity, of my womanhood, and thinking of all the women around me whose boundless beauty, vitality, strength, and self-acceptance thrive and shine and fill me to the brim with hope, love, and gratitude. Below is something I wrote over the weekend, a small seed of contribution to the ever-growing garden we are nurturing that one day will feed the whole world if we give it time, love, and plenty of light:

Let our blood stain
Let our hair grow
Let our tears fall
Let our laughter flow

We allow for Creation
Life starts with She
So let all women be Woman
Let all women be.


A Little Love Poem

(to start the new year with lightness)
I fall in love like I fall asleep:
little by little by little

I wake in love like I wake from sleep:
slowly, contented, and new

I’d fallen in love but once before
And I swore I’d not love another

But I’ve fallen for not just anyone;
I’ve fallen in love with you.