He had broken open my world:
a pomegranate coaxed to split
with the soft strength of his two hands,
seeds like so many rubies spilling out and
staining my counters and clothes and skin
with a beautiful, bloody hue.

I scooped the jewels into my palm
and gently shook them into my open mouth;
I wanted to taste all that he was offering me,
all that he was revealing about himself,
all that he was illuminating in me.

(Photo cred to Cooper D.)

I Fell

He brought me a stone and I showed him how to skip it,
How to fling it far across crystal springs,
How rapids will hard-swallow the pill if you tuck it away in the froth
It wasn’t what he meant

He found me a stone and I turned it over in my hand,
Fingered the smoothness of the years,
Contemplated how many palms had pressed this pressured earth,
Maybe even pocketed it for an afternoon and then thought better of it,
Letting it clack back to the rock stack and rubble below their feet
I tried to give it back to him
It wasn’t what he wanted

He walked me to the edge of the water,
So close that the kitten-tongued shore lapped at my milky toes
It was colder than I ever thought it would be
But his body, pressed to mine,
Melted the ice and cut the bone-chill

Then the stone dropped
And sunk slowly but with purpose
Into a blackness of depth and velvet
I couldn’t see where it went
But I trusted its descent

The stone sunk
I had let it
By what power I do not know

The stone fell
And I with it
Wrapped up in that
Dark, warm cloak

I fell slowly
I fell with purpose
I fell with love



I have forgotten the feeling of being well
There was lightness there with you for a little while
But what is light must become dark sometime
So the lights are out now

And there’s a¬†tightness in my chest
That persists in the darkness
I’m incurable
Mostly I just sit still
And let the silence do what it will

Once, twice, three times I fell for you,
I felt for you:
Stumbled on all fours
Through endless hallways
And half-opened doors
Grazing carpet and tile and earthly ground
Five fingers frantic, I touched until I found…

I found you in an unfamiliar space
And I pressed you against that tight place
The tight place in my chest
Where you once lived wide and expansive

I have kept you close but it hasn’t been right
I feel no lighter and I see no lifting of the night
You don’t quite take to me, you feel foreign to my heart
I hold you in my hands not knowing what you are

But I am going to let you go
In the hope that you are a boomerang
And not some soaring, forgetful bird
With the wind at its wings